Dark days a coming, let’s get a prepping.

We are all aware, here in the U.S. of the dark days a coming. This has to do with people, not politics. Politics play a big role in peoples actions, but the dangers coming up are due to people.

Very much like all of last year, riots and pissed off people are going to cause issues within our country. I do believe that food, water, farming, boomsticks and freedom seeds and other aspects are important parts of prepping. Prepping is important, especially in the coming dark days. I would suggest getting into shape and getting outside. I am not the most physically fit, but I am in better shape then when I started this site.

Quitting smoking, drinking or whatever is also of major benefit. I quit smoking a few years ago, but I exchanged that with using smokeless tobacco. I finally completely quit tobacco in August. I also managed to quit tobacco without gaining a bunch of weight. I do chew sugarless gum from time to time, but I am tobacco free now, which is kind of freeing.

We are currently building our rifles. I do not want to use them, as I had a time where I had to be concerned about using them when I was in Iraq. I don’t want to be stuck in that position here in the U.S. I would much rather be comfortable in my own country. Recent events have changed that. I still do not feel that I need these weapons, but I feel like we are closer to needing them within our borders. This is strictly as a defense mechanism, a force equalizer.

We also have went with armor. We have armor and the plate carriers for them. These also play an important role when it comes to what goes with it. We have the mag pouches (pistol and rifle,) Medical pouches, radio pouch etc. We have had to purchase a few magazines to ensure we have a minimum loadout.

When it comes to technology, I think of my times in the military. That being said, I do not have the federal funds needed for top of the line equipment. I do, however, have ease of access to lower end force multipliers. This ranges from Amateur radio for communication locally, regionally and nationally. Communication is the most important part of what may be coming ahead, especially if there is need for an underground of sorts. Night vision is another avenue where we all have access to little things. We can use security cameras, a little monitor and a battery, or an affordable set-up like this one featured by Magic Prepper.

This thing has not only the ability to give you visuals, but also to record on an SD card. It is a neat tool, but doesn’t have the longest range. The other issue is that it is what they call 1st gen. This means that it is bright as hell in your one eye, essentially killing the night vision in that eye for some time. With that, however, I would strongly suggest only using one eye for the night vision, and keep your other eye night adapted so that you have a compromise of different night visions.

We then have to follow through with foods. We have discussed in the past about canning your own meats, storing dry goods, and canned goods. My newest preps when it comes to food is soup. Bear Creek soups. They are affordable, delicious, yet palatable to that of a child. It may be lacking in the explosion of flavor, but in preps, when kids are involved, you do not need or want super spicy or anything. That is my belief on why things like freeze dried foods like mountain house and the like aren’t super strong flavored in one way or another. It is a blend with a decent flavor, and season to taste. These soups, especially in the cold winter days, would be awesome for a dinner meal after a cold day collecting firewood or whatever. Even now, in decent times, working on the car, and nice warm soup settles in nicely.

Speaking of cars, make sure your vehicles are up to par. I had my wife’s car in the shop a while back to repair rusted out rocker panels.The car was in the shop for 3 weeks, and nothing ever got done. Rust repair places are hard to come by around here. Kind of strange when we live in the rust belt. However, if there ends up being a stimulus bump Biden is talking about, that money will be going into rust repairs.

I feel like a lot of Americans will agree with me. I don’t want stimulus because, like student loans, we are mortgaging our futures. At the same time, if we are getting it, we will use it to better our position in the near future. My opinion on student loan cancellation is the same. I took loans out, I should pay them back. That being said, if they are going to do the cancellations, I will accept it, because I fear that when taxes go up, I may not be able to afford my regular bills anymore. That is but a fear of mine with all the assistance going out. That being said, I know I am lucky to be able to be working, and I do not see the true effects of the pandemic.

I have more to say, which I will say later in a follow up post. I have to head to work, so stay safe and stay prepared.

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