When you try to write your own history…

I was reading an article, and this is what I found… Someone named Sue Bird and there apparent genius thought process, and how the “assault on Capitol Hill” was racist.

“They finished it, as did the rest of the world, by watching supporters of President Trump storm the U.S. Capitol with what appeared to be little resistance from police. For some, it was a stark contrast to Black Lives Matter protests this summer and has been called out by many in the ensuing days”

Let us look into this for just 1 moment. Throughout the beginning of all these protests from BLM, there was little resistance from police. Remember the CHAZ/CHOP zone? No police were involved at all. These same BLM riots you speak of were also weeks long, and the police tired of it. You also burned down and robbed your own cities. Minneapolis was damaged to the tune of $500 million dollars. They begged FEMA for the money, and FEMA said no because the city allowed the damage to occur for about a month. During this month, the police were being attacked, but BLM was written as the victims.

So by stating that the “assault on Capitol Hill” proves racism because the white, black and hispanic people involved in the B&E of the Capitol building did not destroy the entire city to warrant the same level of police action proves that you are just trying to push the same narrative that took the country by storm throughout all of 2020. That the domestic terrorist organizations such as Antifa and BLM should be portrayed as the heroes of the story. This is very much like when the Nazi’s thought they would be on the right side of history.

America will not be silenced. America will not be buried in the history books as the failed empire. Instead, America divided will reside, and until all sides can truly just agree to work together within some kind of harmony, our country will fall. No narrative needs pushed, all parties must realize mistakes have been made. Instead of taking from white people to give to black people, or taking from the upper class to give to the lower class, figure out a new way to do it where you don’t have to rob Peter to pay Paul.

I know this is another rant, however, the government is pushing all this crap, and people are eating it like it is the finest caviar around. The Trump presidency will end in 11 days. The Democrat party says that is not soon enough. You would think that since they now have full control over the government, 11 days would be soon enough. They will screw us hard enough after that, where those 11 days will not matter. By trying to get Trump out of office a few days earlier, you are going to really piss off half the country that feels there was an issue with the election.

I just wish it was simple enough. Republicans do not bring race into everything. Democrats do. That is why this “mostly peaceful protest” (Laugh at the term, here.) on Capitol Hill is being twisted into a race thing. It was not only white people, but that is what it will become. Orange man bad. White people bad. Democrats need to stop relying so heavy on race. Hell, in a few months we will have our second Black president when old Kamala takes Biden’s place. The only things our current government needs to do is ensure they do things right, because they have the entire government right now. If they screw this up, they will not get another chance like this for a long time. I suggest you not to try passing every stupid law about gun control, universal basic income, Health care and so on. Don’t charge me to the point where I make less money working than I would not working.

I am done today. I will write again tomorrow about preps.

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