How can they call this journalism?

I was reading a story, and I could not believe what I was reading. The spinning of reality is being twisted back on itself. The media is turning it into a Democrat vs. Republican thing. Well, let me start by posting the part of the story that blows my mind…

How Republicans Are Warping Reality Around the Capitol Attack

“…In one of the ultimate don’t-believe-your-eyes moments of the Trump era, these Republicans have retreated to the ranks of misinformation, claiming it was Black Lives Matter protesters and far-left groups like antifa who stormed the Capitol — in spite of the pro-Trump flags and QAnon symbology in the crowd. Others have argued that the attack was no worse than the rioting and looting in cities during the Black Lives Matter movement, often exaggerating the unrest last summer while minimizing a mob’s attempt to overturn an election.” (

My problem with this is that this is completely wrong, the bold section, that is. Although I love how the media will spin history into its own made up story. Minneapolis had over $500 million dollars in damages. Fact. FEMA refused to pay for it because the city let this occur over 30+ days. What about the CHAZ/CHOP zone in Seattle that lasted almost a month, with murders and rapes occurring, and the police not being able to intervene?

Portland had riots into the New Year for 2021. People were being assaulted while eating at restaurants. Police were being assaulted in cities everywhere, and no one had been seriously charged with any crimes. They are trying to charge the people in DC with prison terms for 10-20 years. Democrats put skin color in everything, and change the story to fit a narrative. We cannot let history be changed. We must remember the truth and ensure history isn’t rewritten in their image.

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