Twisted history becoming the new truth?

Again, prior to the violence proposed by the left for inauguration day, the media is yet again twisting news we were all present for. How is it that now all of 2020 riots from BLM and Antifa is being twisted to battles between anti-racists and white supremacist? There were hardly any of these white supremacy issues during the riots all over the country in 2020. These were BLM and Antifa burning down cities on their own accord.

This is why I am currently downloading all of wikipedia. There is a lot of useful information, and more fact than the news is portraying these days. Sadly, I plan on keeping this edition of wikipedia for it’s current events so that I have something to show the kids in the future of what really happened before it was erased. More realistically, there is a lot of information, and should the world become a thunderdome in the near future, I would like to be able to teach with some kind of background. I guess kind of like the Outernet or Othernet as it is now called.

Information is one thing that you can never get enough of to be prepared for the future. The sad fact is that the polarity of our society is a polar opposite of the unity we saw after 9/11. However, the 9/11 unity was short lived and forgotten right after. I joined the Marine Corps in response to 9/11, and witnessed friends who lost their lives for our country. This is how we repay their memories. Trying to give up everything every vet fought for. This alone should put us in mourning. This is why I prep. I prep for my family, so that we never have to live in a world where my family has to suffer due to my lack of preparedness.

Prep to be safe, knowledge and stuff. Things are not getting any better.

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