Covid-19 vaccinations: A curious ponder

So, we are being continuously force fed news about this “vaccine.” I use the quotes not as that covid-19 doesn’t exist or anything in that matter. The quotes are for this reason.

“There are currently no licensed mRNA vaccines in the United States. However, researchers have been studying them for decades.(above mentioned website:CDC:)” The covid-19 vaccine is an mRNA vaccine. Never before has one been approved in the U.S. and yet this “vaccine” was the fastest vaccine made in history, the best thing since sliced bread, and just a miracle. Why hadn’t we used this technology before if it is so amazing? I don’t know, as I am not a doctor or medical researcher, but I am glad that I am not a guinea pig.

Another interested bit of force-fed deliciousness is my workplace. There have been 2 major developments just this week. That being said, I am in the 1b part of the rollout plan as seen here ( .) We were sent an email from our superintendent speaking of how awesome it is to get the covid-19 vaccine, and how we should al submit to this vaccine. Here is the article:

I should also mention that out superintendent does not talk to the staff at all. He is also getting relocated due to his failure to follow simple state guidelines for the prevention of covid-19 outbreaks among our population.

Another interesting aspect is a survey we received via our work emails. It is very interesting that all surveys at my workplace are done on surveymonkey. This survey is supposed to be confidential. They are asking a total of 41 questions. 3 questions asked are what is you position title, which facility do you work and how long have you worked for us. That narrows me down to being 1 of 4 people. Not very confidential if you ask me.

The next part I have an issue with is the amount of questions asking about your thoughts on vaccines in general. Although the general consensus tends to be that vaccines for polio and such are good, they are asking it in such a way, and such volume, as to try to make the poll takers feel stigmatized on answering about the covid-19 vaccine if you are fine with other vaccines. I personally do not care. The survey continued to ask things like how much would it cost to make you willing to take this vaccine. It went from $1 up to $1,000, and even had a fill in your own answer. That was easy, fill your own answer, and none.

The population where I work, for the first time ever, got paid for taking the flu vaccine. 1 week later, our population was over run by covid-19. That came across as rather suspect. Next, the population is intended on getting paid to take the covid-19 vaccine when it gets to our population rollout. Most of them have said they will not take the vaccine as well.

I will still say that I am not taking this vaccine. The first person I know just got there first shot, so we will see what happens in a few weeks. The nurse at my local VA got hers done. Her first shot was fine, but her second left her in bed unable to move while feeling sick and throwing up for a couple of days. That is worse than when I had covid-19. We are also having a second outbreak with-in the population where I work. Still not getting this vaccine. Perhaps a few years from now, but I will refuse, and will even give up my career should the need arise. I have tried discussing with out management about pre-planning for employees and population who refuse the vaccine. They will not listen. They know more from behind their desks than we do with our boots on the ground.

Stay safe and stay prepared. Make your own decisions but do not sway.

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