1 simple question.

I have a question I must ask. It may not be a popular opinion, but must be brought up with the irony we are living in. Former President Trump is on trial for asking people to peacefully make their voices heard, then people made their own decision to do whatever they wanted to do, and former President Trump is being held liable for individuals decisions, which he was clearly against.

My question comes from another current event that confuses me. Black Lives Matter has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize even though they intentionally caused riots, assaults on police, caused more deaths in the year of terror they brought on the entire country, and so much property damage that the amounts are unfathomable. $500 million in Minneapolis alone. They terrorized people based on their skin color, which seems oxymoronic considering the message they were trying to push. They destroyed cities, and ran a zone police were not allowed to do their jobs in. People were murdered and raped here, directly because of Black Lives Matters’ directives.

Why is it that the American people are so willing to let this go, a year of terror, all across the country, but the former President made 1 speech, and requested a peaceful protest, and the people are acting like h started a war against our nation. This is going to cause an even bigger divide because the political gaming here makes it surely seem that the left will do anything to get their way. This is making more people question the election, and pushing people away from the center.

It is bad enough that our own government parties are so far off center they cannot see each other, but are also trying to divide the regular people. Look at any news station. The pushes are the in liberal media, all republicans are racist bigots that cannot be reasoned with. The conservative side seems to make it seem like the left just wants us to work so they can take our tax payer dollars and give it to everyone, causing tax raises and inflation, effectively causing everyone to be broke. There are extremes out their, but the average American isn’t what the media portrays. However, the media is, indeed, trying to break the morale of this country, and doing a damn good job. At this point, we are our own worst enemy, and this has to end before our country does.

Remember, we are never going to agree on everything, but I wouldn’t expect us to. We do, however, need to be able to get along. Do not let the media dictate how you feel. Emotions cause rash decisions. Thinking allows development of reasonable and influential argument. Do your best to stay prepared, because all this is far from over.

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