More news of the Covid-19 vax.

The CDC put out that now, if you have the full covid-19 vaccinations, you no longer need to quarantine after an exposure event. Remember when we were told not to wear masks, and now we are being told 2 or 3 at once is better? I will not go back into the Emergency Use Authorization I recently wrote about. There is a recent post with link to the CDC about why these vaccines are not of interest to me.

So, there are currently no mandates for a vaccine. However, in my work place their are talks of mandating the covid-19 vaccine. The current train of thought is that they may not mandate, but say you cannot come to work without the vaccine. This also leaves us open to the possibility of “if you chose not to take the vaccine, then you have to use your own vacation time.” Their is an awkward assumption that the vaccine is being forced, and down the road we will see the response.

I can say that I am rather lucky, and have a few careers I can fall back on. I don’t need to bend to their will and take a vaccine that I do not feel has been done right. Watch over the next 2 months as the vaccine rollout begins to grow. I feel like things will get rather scary in the upcoming months. At least the amount of power our government will try to claim, still using the vaccine as one of their weapons.

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