Strange developments in the narrative!?!

I am, in no way, trying to take anything from the actual events in the last few weeks. What I am taking aim at is the narrative accompanying these events. There was a level of fear across the country as Covid-10 took hold. As the numbers of fatalities grew, so did many peoples’ fears of this virus. When someone died in a car accident, and it was reported as a Covid-19 death, this did not help. When Dr. Fauci changes his mind every few days or weeks about what we need to do, this causes fear. Then the vaccines came out, and fear fell. Articles were pushed about how the vaccines we helping, then numbers increase, but the relative fear is gone.

So, to keep the people in check, the media started pushing the race narrative. White people are bad. Everything going on now, if you replace white with any other color, it would be racist, but it is okay because white people are bad, right? You would think generalities like this, that we would learn over time. Well, humanity in general cannot handle basic truths. People are people, and individuals commit actions, both good and bad. Judging any group of people for the actions of a few is just wrong, and always has been. But look, 2020 was a great year to see that humanity is devolving instead of evolving. All cops are bad because of the actions of a few, to the point that the people, in general, want to get rid of the,. White people are bad because of some inherent privilege. The president is bad because he is not Democrat. Meanwhile, Biden does things worse, but gets praised for it. Lies to the people to get what he wants, and the people keep bending over for him. The media succeeded by dividing the people. You cannot even talk common sense to people anymore. We saw DC burning last June, but people say things in DC we far worse in January than any other time. Think about that for a minute while we move on.

We need to move on to something else to cause fear. We have been pushing gun bans for years, but have had little success due to this little thing called the constitution. That being said, we went through an entire year without mass shootings making the media. All of the sudden, 2 in a week. The spa shootings in Atlanta and the grocery store shooting in Colorado. I will say that my prayers are for all people who have been killed during these shootings. I believe that the media is spinning fact to push narrative, but that these situations are problems we are doing to ourselves. If we lose our rights, that is, law abiding citizens, then we are lost. We are obviously week on the national stage right now. That should be what is causing us fear, not skin color, covid-19 and guns. As of right now, it seems like we are ripe for the picking from any country willing to make the climb.

Please be safe, be prepared, and use your head.

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