Prepping with out own tax payer dollars…

This is where I am with my preps. We have been prepping for a few years now, and have a lot of the basics down. What we are more concerned about is long term care with what is going on in our world. I mentioned this before, but the shop let us down. We are getting rocker panels replaced. This will allow our cars to last a long time. The car is in great shape outside of the rusted rockers. Pretty decent mpg and reliable. We also purchased my wife a new car that we have saved for.

As with most people these days, money is always tight. Prepping makes us feel a lot better. Gas prices are going up, food prices are going up and apparently taxes will be going up. What happens if there are more riots this year, or covid-19 comes back with a vengeance? What happens when a nation on edge falls apart? Who knows, but we better be prepared for it.

If you are into prepping, which after the last year and a half, you should be, you need to get your priorities straight. I am not going to tell you what you specifically need to prep. Food, water, shelter, security, communications, medical, transportation etc? The list goes on and on. You need to do a personal assessment on what you feel needs taken care of for you and your family. Food is the easiest and most affordable. Water can be, if you have ways to store large amounts of water. I bought pool shock which can be made into bleach which can be used to purify water. We also have enough filters to filter the water as well. This provides us with food and potable water. We have several survival plans in place should we really need to leave our home location. Most of our preps are here, so we need to pay close attention to anything that piques our interest. If something comes up where it has the potential to have us leave, we can try to load up some supplies just in case.

Basically, prepping is to make you more prepared for the world in which we play by ear. We bought more food recently to can, and had some failures. The wax seal deteriorated on brand new lids. Lesson learned. It is a good thing we have a decent supply of lids. Also, just as a side note, hand sanitizer is at a reasonable price again, so we bought a few bottles. We also never ran out during the pandemic. We were prepared.

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