Problems in the future

President Joe Biden is talking of getting rid of the Filibuster, and doing whatever the democrats want without and checks and balances. This is dangerous for so many reasons. I want to say that if the previous president would have been doing this, passing legislation without support from both parties, and embracing that he didn’t care what the other side said, he would have been crucified. The media is worshiping Biden for actions that others would have been crucified. The media pushes that Biden is doing great in the polls. If you took an actual sample of the American people, these numbers would not be true. If you ask a bunch of liberals who love getting “free” money from the government, sure the numbers will look great.

Biden knows he has a very short time to do whatever it is he plans on doing. The problem is that by setting these precedents, I feel like this will become a problem for the foreseeable future. The 2 sides cannot work together because they both have moved to relative extremes on major policies. I believe that the Democrats will push whatever they want for now. By doing such, unless the voting rules that were changed are meant for serious implications later, the the Republicans will start taking over again in 2022. This is because the American people as a whole are not happy with what is going on.

Biden already put in play that each President can erase whatever the previous president has done. This is dangerous because this means that every 4 years we will have a completely different country. The American public will never know what will be legal and illegal every 4 years. Hell if you are republican, you cannot legally challenge things like elections, but democrats can. Be wary because I believe that Republicans will take the house and senate in 2022, and because of the actions done by this administration, and what will be coming, that there will be an even larger divide between the parties. We need to work together, and not try to be larger than life. Instead of trying to get your name in the history books for dividing the country and intentionally pushing half the population into your trash pile, work together.

Anyway, I cannot understand why people are acting like this is ok. The media tells people it is for the best, and that is it. What sucks is that people believe the media over what they have witnessed with their own eyes. That makes real change awfully hard. Think about it. Stay safe and be prepared.

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