Veto on the Votes.

You have to love the narrative being pushed. It is so ridiculous that I cannot understand how people just go with it. Democrats forced, by executive order, a total reform of the voting system. The problem is that this “voting reform” takes the power away from the people. How, you might ask? When you are automatically signed up for something without your consent or specific knowledge. How about when Democrats just assume you are eligible to vote? Who needs an ID? I can promise you that next election you will see record numbers of votes. The media worships the Democrats pushing to make it impossible to legitimize voting ever again. Biden said it best today when he said “I have no idea if there will be a Republican party” talking about the 2024 elections.

Meanwhile, Republicans are trying to push accountability into the voting system and are being crucified. There are articles being pushed about how Republicans are trying to restrict voters. They are, but only by making sure those who vote are legally allowed to. I mean, illegal aliens are not allowed to vote, but apparently they are now? They are included in census numbers to pick how many electoral college votes a state gets. There is too much going on that just spits in our face, but the media spins it so the average person just follows it.

Use your heads people. The media is on an all out assault on Republicans, and half the population. Don’t let that sit right with you. Without a minimum of 2 parties, we are stuck with no checks and balances. As we can see with what the Democrats are doing now. Do not be ok with that. I would not be ok with that if it was the Republicans who had full control. The filibuster is there to prevent what is going on right now. Democrats are going around it with every step of the way, and the President and VP condone this behavior. What would happen if the tides changed? It would be inconceivable to allow this to go on.

I hope, as preppers, we are paying attention to what is going on. We have that and the locusts coming out, so let us see how this plays out.

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