Position on a Vaccine Passport

Firstly, I have no gripes with anyone and their personal decision. I feel like this is an important omission before I get underway with my personal opinion on a vaccine passport. I do not judge anyone on their personal opinions and decisions, and I accept whatever you chose for yourself. With that being said, I will move forward with this discussion.

I completely disagree on a vaccine passport or anything else that puts your medical status out there. If we were to, let’s say, put gold starts on non vaccinated people for easy ID, that would be wrong, right? I don’t mean to bring parallels to some of the worst time in human history, but they cannot be ignored either. I have to try to say this without divulging to much personal information. The group of people that we are responsible for the care of, when fights break out, we are unable to know of their disease status. This is due to HIPPA. Because of this, I have been on meds that destroy your immune system to limits your chance of catching HIV through blood contact.

If HIPPA protects people from disclosing their medical status, that how can I be forced to disclose my medical status? Where is this coming from? Well, Israels Green pass, of coarse! Here, read a little about it. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/israel-vaccine-green-pass-wellness/index.html

The EU is looking into it as well, as seen here: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-03-eu-parliament-covid-green-june.html After this, the American lawmakers are looking into something similar as well. This is very scary, in my personal opinion. Lawmakers want to try to push these Covid passports to do more of what they have been doing, indoctrinating the American people. There are a lot of officials who are against this move as well. We are going to have to see what happens.

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