Back to basics and prepping

Over the course of the last year and change, it has been hard to separate prepping from the politics. This is because, over the last year and change, with the pandemic and all the policies being put in place, the reasons for a lot of preps crossed over with politics. Hell it got my wife into accepting prepping and becoming a part of the lifestyle.

So, back to the basics of prepping, you should find out what your needs are. If you don’t have some food, water, shelter, defense etc, that is what you should work on. Our current situation was on transportation. We have been working on the vehicles. We has rust repair work done on what is now my car. With over 200K miles on it, we are upgrading the suspension, and putting a trailer hitch on the car. This is so we can work around the house, but also so we can haul more preps should we need to leave the area.

We have had a trailer loaded with scrap metal for some time. Our current car with a tow hitch is going to the scrap yard. Unfortunately some cars have to many computers in them, and too many other issues.

Another suggestion, especially if you live in the north east, is to get your gardens ready, seeds started. I am personally getting cheap pvc pipe and screen like netting. The cicadas are supposed to be very bad this year, with all the broods coming out at once. This comes at a risk for your plants, as just the weight of the insects can break and destroy your crop. This will also become a pain when it comes time for harvest, peas and green beans especially. I usually go out every week on my days off a pick a basket full.

We usually do very well with peas and green beans do to the soil acidity from being near a walnut tree. We have good luck with cow beans in the goat pasture, and potatoes around the outside of the house. This year, I am also trying some broom corn. This has a lot to do with me not wanting to have to do much on the side of my house with the crappy neighbors. I am not a fan of being watched and harassed the entire time I am outside.

We are finally setting up the full water collection system we have had the parts for for the last year. We are planning on tidying up our preps so that we have a better grasp should things go bad in the near future. Get yourselves prepared with whatever and however you can. Stay safe.

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