Stock Piling for God knows what!

We talk a lot about storing things in the prepping community. We tend to be jacks of all trades and masters of none or mainstreaming 1 specific area. This tends to be guns and food if stock piling in a single area. You then get into the whole you can’t eat bullets or I’ll just shoot you and take your stuff arguments. These types of people kind of become a waste of time trying to converse with. That being said, we all stock pile for different reasons.

Some people are stock piling for the zombie apocalypse while others are storing for a blizzard. Hell, if 2020 was the trailer for 2021, civil unrest could be our undoing. Even right now, with current court cases and another shooting incident, it looks like there is the potential for another civil unrest explosion. Cities can burn, and our leadership allows it because of the social justice warrior program it appears they are running.

I cannot specify what others are truly prepping for, but I can say my preps are for my family and for whatever may come. I feel that, as time goes by, what you are prepping for evolves. When I first started prepping, it was more just the basics, almost for camping. A cook stove here, some food there. We all start somewhere. I had no idea where it would take me, but I am happy I started years ago.

My personal growth during my prepping experience has been pretty amazing. I have learned a great deal about ham radio, working with electronics, and developing battery packs and solar set-ups. I have also learned a bit about linux and using low power computers like the raspberry pi. We have also learned about raising livestock, and have some of our own. Developing gardening skills has also been amazing over the years.

I know this may be a basics ramble, but lately I have become very into the politics that drive the prepping. This is a personal journey I am putting out there to help others who may be unsure. I may have interest that I find more important while others may have skills and interest they find more important for prepping. That is completely fine. There are areas I am no expert in that is far more important to me than what I am knowledgeable about. Key word: Medical.

Prepping comes from a place within, a desire to keep your own safe and secure. Starting by storing a weeks worth of food and ending with a year supply for your family is amazing. The simple fact is that whatever you decide to prep for is probably the exact reason you need to prep. There is nothing wrong with prepping because, should the time arise that you need your preps, it will be there. Stay safe and prep.

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