Pushing the narrative, condemning veterans.

First off, here is the article I am discussing. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/number-capitol-riot-arrests-military-081444245.html?.tsrc=fp_deeplink

“As authorities investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol continue to pore over images and video of the riot, they’ve encountered a distressing trend: A growing number of alleged perpetrators had previously served their country.”

All military members take an oath to defend this country from all threats, both foreign and domestic. Those of us who fought for this country, lost dear friends and have done the unimaginable for our country; we loved our country. The country we see today is not the country we fought for, and in my opinion, not worth the loss of life that occurred for this country.

Why is it that Maxine Waters can threaten the entire nation with even more confrontation from BLM that there was last year (which resulted in a lot of murders and hospitalizations last year,) and that is ok? That specific groups of people can burn cities down and nothing gets said about it, and instead gets applauded, and yet this story about an insurrection keeps getting fuel added to it. The official story has changed, but it is being constructed as a deadly assault on the capitol, and now veterans are to blame.

Look at our country. We are in debt we will never get out of, we are experiencing inflation that is being under reported, and the nation is expected to bend over and take it. Our government is becoming tyrannical in its operation, avoiding what over half the population wants. Pushing tax hikes to pay for these bills to the point where we, the average person, will not be able to afford our normal bills. Our government wants to tax people based on skin color to pay other people, based on skin color.

Veterans, at least in my era, do not care about skin color. We do not care if you are asian, indian, black, white, hispanic or whatever. There was 1 thing that mattered and that was having each others backs. Now the narrative is leaning towards that veterans are the problem. This is by people who never served for their country, and instead abused their power to become millionaires working for the public. If that sits well with you, perhaps you are part of the problem.

The U.S. is in the weakest position we have ever been in, and it isn’t getting better. The government that was “elected” to run this country is taking advantage off loop holes and closing them so their work in condemning our country cannot be undone. They want to take our weapons away and leave us defenseless. This is going to happen when another country decides it is time for America to pay up. We cannot be far from a takeover. This is the time to do it. Our nation divided more than ever in recent history, weak leadership and literally nothing stopping someone from swinging by and saying this is my land now.

Violent extremist groups are being pushed for all Trump supporters in Washington on January 6th, right? What about the fact that Biden supported BLM and the attacks all across the nation all of last year until he got elected, then turned his back on the very people that pushed him into office? The real race problems came from the Democrats in charge. Race is always a part of everything with the Democrats, and the average people supporting Democrats do not seem to notice this.

I should note that when I state BLM, I am specifically speaking of those people burning cities and looting stores and such, not the actual peaceful activist the group originally intended it’s use for. This fits in with the narrative of a Trump supporters are racists terrorists because a few people did bad things while wearing MAGA hats, which does not signify your relation to the cause juast as a BLM tshirt does not mean all BLM members are ok with the actions taken.

That being said, trying to condemn a whole group, especially this specific group, is going to backfire hard in your face. Veterans and active duty military are the backbones of this country, I foresee this being a means to try to push to get all veterans to lose their ability to own firearms, specifically firearms used in the military like the AR platform. This weapon system, to veterans, is the weapon we are most trained to use, and will never have the opportunity to be trained on other weapons the way we have been with this one.

Again, I know this is a little rant, but the direction of our nation seems to be pushing a harder and harder divide. I will not get involved with the cop issues because when their are no more cops, I think you will get exactly what you ask for. Judging all the people based on the actions of a few is supposedly what everyone is fighting for, except when it comes to the people they oppose. I have to deal with that same crap at work. You want all of us responsible, but when it is your side, you didn’t do it, so it is not your fault. You cannot have it both ways, and that is the way the government is looking at it. Soon enough, I feel like the people, as divided as we are as a nation, will have 1 thing in common, especially if a foreign entity comes over.

I will leave one thing to think about. Veterans are the ones who made it back home. Those of us who joined after 9/11 into an active war did so for a reason. That reason has been lost in the years since and that is sickening. Before you condemn us for the actions that the media spun far out of control, think about what you have really done with your life versus those who went to war because it was the right thing. History is a finicky thing, and right now we are seeing more than ever in our lifetime that history isn’t muddles with fact, but instead is a fluid story modeled by the narrators of the time to push agendas desired to look good. What may seem like the right side of history now may, in turn, be the wrong side when the dust settles.

For anyone who gives a damn, please remember this. When cities are burned to the ground, and infrastructure is destroyed, your taxpayer dollars have to go to rebuild what you destroyed. The more damage, the more rebuilding, the more tax payer dollars needed. If their isn’t enough money, taxes get raised. This is basic reasoning and why normal people don’t burn down cities and rob stores. When a store gets looted, which is robbing the store, the store has to make up for the lost merchandise by raising prices on the remaining goods. Again, not rocket science, but common sense.

People need to remember that for every actions there is an equal and opposite reaction, and that this results in the status quo. Change is inevitable, and can be a good thing, but needs to be done quid pro quo instead of attempting to violently change the balance. I gotta stop, as I am getting off track. Don’t blame veterans for a narrative pushed by the media. Maxine Waters made threats way worse than anything Trump said on the 6th, and she is worshiped instead of crucified. That should be enough to show you there is a narrative being pushed.

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