Very small solar generation.

I am not reviewing this as I am still waiting to receive it. I am bringing up the use of a very small set-up like this. I have seen very good reviews, but you would on something that works and is affordable. I cannot afford something great like goal zero or jackery. The other aspect of something small like this is transportability. Let us start with the listed specs.

1pc 84 W·h Power Station(26ah LiFePO4 Battery) with USB Charge cable
1pc 18W Solar Panel with extension cable
3pcs bulbs with 9.84ft extension cable for each bulb
3pcs S-Hooks

This little solar generator is meant to be used as a lighting source, but does have a 5V at 2A usb port. This can be used to charge simple devices. Whether it be your smartphone, tablet or hand-held ham radio, it is available to use. I watched a youtube video taking 1 of these apart, and the interior is pretty empty. I cannot help but think about building 1 of these up to make a much larger bank. That being said, it would take a very long time to charge something with a larger capacity with the same size solar panel.

I look at this cheap solar charged powerbank, and I think that, for the price and utility, this could be useful. I do not think that this is the perfect solution for everything. This kit comes as a full kit, which is nice. It includes the little powerbank generator, the solar panel, the charging cables and the lamps. I am going to test this out for charging my hand-held ham radios and go from there. I will post an updated view when I actually get hands on, but wanted to put out there what I am working on. Stay safe and stay prepared. Things may be getting dicey on the world stage here shortly.

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