What are you prepping for?

I really do not care what you, as an individual, are prepping for. I only care that you are prepping. Your goals are going to be different as you move along with your preps. Where you live will adjust what you are prepping for as well.

Are your plans effected by the current state of affairs in your country? The world? It really should. If you are new to preps, you may be starting like I did and getting basics for camping. You may be prepping for a bad winter storm, and earthquake or hurricane. Whatever it is that you are prepping for, I would suggest you continue.

Take a paper and write down what you are prepping for, who you are prepping for, and why. Then figure out how you are prepping. The preppers I know personally have been evolving over time the answers to these questions. You also do not need to be a millionaire to be prepared. Baby steps in the right direction can get you rather well prepared in just a years time.

Just know what you are prepping for, and make sure you are making strives to reach that goal. If 2020 wasn’t an eye opener, I am not sure what would be. The world is becoming an ever darker and more dreary place, and as days go by, we need to be prepared for what comes next. Please stay safe and stay prepared.

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