Is India the future of the pandemic?

I have been in disbelief over the course of the last year on the medias pandemic narrative. They have discussed the second, third and even fourth wave, but I cannot buy it. I think the measures our government put in place prolonged the initial onset of this pandemic.

Historically the second wave has been more deadly. We never really saw this in action. Instead we saw the natural progression of a virus on the global stage. I fear that we have been lulled into a false sense of security which is part of our governments job. I think that we are in for quite a ride, and we could expect a rise in restrictions as soon as June or July.

If this new whatever it is in India is either involved or separate from the current Covid-19, it looks like it will be very bad in the short to mid term. Far more contagious and deadly than Covid-19. Right now they are reporting 300K daily cases and 3500 deaths daily. There are claims from within the country that the death numbers a probably more like 10X the reported amount. If that is the case, 35K deaths per day, that would be about 11.5% fatality rate. Or the reported numbers are accurate and we are talking a 1.15% fatality rate. It is too soon to really tell yet.

We do, however, have to look ahead like there is a potential for this to get worse, and plan for it. Keep an eye out because people weren’t went this virus was happening in Wuhan. If you need to, start storing now for what was short last time because this one may get far worse. Stay safe and stay prepared.

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