Fuel and water

We are all hearing the proverbial sirens going off. Fuel shortages this summer, water prices increasing with as shortage of water, etc. I went to Lowe’s today and a single 2X4 was $9.XX. I bought some last month for $8.XX, and said not again. Now luckily I was not there for wood. I was there for a downspout and 90. We are just getting natural water retention for the livestock going.

I purchased the Oatey downspout diverter a year ago, well, actually 5 of them. We are finally getting them in play. This will go into the 55 gallon drum which will water our animals. As for the humans, I ordered 4 of the Reliance Aqua tainer. These have very good reviews online, and I will give it a chance.

These hold 7 gallons of water each. We have a family of 4. This will be drinking water, enough for a week, without having to do anything special to the water. We have other ways to obtain water for other purposes, and we do, naturally, have ways to filter and purify water. We are just adding to our preps that are ready up front for any emergency.

When it comes to fuel, there is risk of fuel shortages in the coming months, which also follows suit with my thoughts on the future of our freedoms in our country. Anyhow, with that being said, I bought a couple more fuel cans, and tomorrow will be filling them with stabilized gas. This may seem like a small prep but it can mean the difference between life or death. Think about it, right. You can get a couple hundred miles out of 15 gallons of gas. You can get many hours of use out of a generator with that much fuel.

Water and fuel containers can be very expensive. Go too cheap and you will lose far more than you will gain. I purchased the fuel cans from Harbor Freight for $17.99. I would like to get the metal Jerry can style but they cost as much as 2.5 plastic fuel cans, so plastic it is for now. Also, they have fancy water bricks which I have heard great things about, but unfortunately they are out of my budget. I ended up searching until I found something affordable with a solid background.

Anyways that is a few things to think about when it comes to prepping. Please do yourself the best you can to stay safe and stay prepared.

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