Another day with preps

I had to stop at Lowe’s to pick up a couple of things for my wife. In doing such, I walked by the clearance aisle, and they have hand sanitizer there. Remember 8-10 months ago when you couldn’t find that Gold? Now it is sitting in a clearance bin for $1.02 for a 32 oz Zep Hand sanitizer spray. This has 66% Ethanol. $2.04 for a 33.8 oz container of Besafe hand sanitizer with moisturizer which has 70% Ethyl Alcohol. I bought 2 of each. That being said, we are still sitting on a few gallons of the liquid gold because we use it for different things.

I also had to make a stop at Wal-mart. I needed some dry beans to make ham and bean soup since I still have ham on the bone after canning 6 quart jars of cubed ham. I picked up some extra beans. 2-1lb 4 oz of 15 bean soup, 2-1lb green split peas, 2-2lb bags of black beans, 2-1lb Navy beans, 2 1 lb lentils and 2-1lb great northern beans. This is a total of 15 lbs dried beans, I believe. I also grabbed another 4… canisters? of iodized salt. At the current price of $.40/26 oz cardboard tube canister thingy, how can you go wrong? My wife is probably going to kill me. We may be running out of room for these preps. I still feel like that is a better problem than running out of food.

If you find things like hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies, I would suggest grabbing them. We make our own laundry soap, hand soap and we buy concentrated cleaning chemicals. We also have several spray bottles we dilute these chemicals in with water. It is amazing just how long 1 bottle of concentrated chemicals lasts. Anyhow, I just wanted to post this up for you guys and gals out there reading my little blog. Stay safe and stay prepared. I have to go get my rototiller to get the garden ready.

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