Storing water and homemade bleach.

5-7 gallon storage containers of water, a total of 35 gallons drinking water, long term storage. 1 teaspoons of bleach per 5 gallons of water for long term storage. I had to modify just a little for the 7 gallon containers. I ended up going with 1 and 1/4 teaspoon bleach per container. They are awkward, though. Water weighs in at approximately 8.33#’s per gallon. That comes out to about 58.31 lbs/container. This does, as with all water storage, make it a lot harder to transport.

When it comes to preparing for what is coming ahead, running should not be your first line of defense. Most, if not all your preps, are located at your home, along with your day to day needs. Storing drinking water means that all other water sources can be used for non drinking needs, and reduces the need to purify water right off the bat. This can help with things like sanitation and, well, sanitation. Shower and bathroom cleanliness can be done with non-purified water.

The formula I have found was 1 teaspoon/5 gallons of water. When it comes to making bleach, I have found that getting pool shock, which is good for an estimated 10 years, and mixing that with water will make home made bleach of roughly the same concentration you buy at the store. They say 1 heaping teaspoon of powders pool shock will make 2 gallons bleach. This recipe is for pool shock that has the following characteristics:73% calcium hypochlorite (HTH) and 70% available chlorine content.

Each 1 lb bag should make about 200 gallons of bleach, and I currently have 12 lbs in long term storage. that is enough for ~2400 gallons of bleach. Would you ever need or use that much within it’s shelf life? Probably not, but could you imagine the trade value of that should shit really hit the fan? Pool shock is relatively cheap and last a decade. Bleach is relatively expensive and last for 6 months or should I say maintains all of its properties for 6 months.

Do what you can to prepare for what may be coming and stay safe while doing so.

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