U.S. lifting mask ban… on fully vaccinated individuals?

How can you enforce mask rules for a certain subset of people? I ask this because you currently are not allowed to ask if someone has a medical issue and is that why they are not wearing a mask. Is HIPPA changing in the future, and going to force you to wear a gold star on your sleeve… I mean walk around showing your vax card?

I do not think the U.S. is far from enforcing a vax passport. You have states trying to block this move even though there has not been a federal mandate made yet. This is a little interesting. I have to say that I truly believe we are within a month of the federal government trying to push their vax passport.

Unfortunately I feel like we will also have another issue in that same time period. The real second wave in the U.S. Seychelles has over 60% of their population vaccinated and they are now under stringent lockdowns due to an increase in infection. I thought this vaccine was to prevent this? Again, in the U.S., we are not learning from other countries. Do you remember when Italians were sending messages to the U.S. about taking the pandemic seriously? We didn’t.

Our lock downs were a joke. Hurt the economy while effectively doing nothing against the pandemic. We are now falling back into the same trap. We see other countries getting hit hard by the second wave. The U.S. media claims we are safe after 4 waves of the pandemic. Why would the U.S., who was one of the last hit by the pandemic, have had 4 waves when other nations, who were affected earlier, are now getting hit with their second wave? Because the U.S. media and government lies to strike fear in its people.

Other countries have higher vaccination rates and are being negatively impacted by their second wave. That is what will happen in the U.S. in my opinion. I have been saying for some time now that we are going to get hurt by this. Now that people who were vaccinated can go without masks, the infection will spread. Why is this? Because the CDC cannot make up their mind. The vaccine will save us all, and now you need to get a booster shot. Ohio is doing million dollar lotto’s every week for the next 5 weeks to BRIBE people into getting the vaccine.

Whatever happens, please make sure you stay safe and stay prepared.

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