NBC/CBRN preps

I have purchased Israeli gas masks, 40mm NBC filters, 40mm-3m adapters and 3m filters. These were kind of the basics for this arena of prepping. We have been working hard on food, water, cooking, shelter and other prep areas. I decided to adjust what I am working on at the moment. We are lacking in NBC. I understand that the odds are small of needing full NBC gear, however, times are changing quick. I wanted to evolve my NBC preps.

Firstly, we wanted a meter to measure radiation. We decided on the Victoreen CDV-715. This is a field survey meter. This is more of what we would want in prepping compared to how the movies make you think Geiger counter. The Geiger counter actually is too sensitive for prepping. The Geiger counter will register radiation that is almost background radiation, and what is more dangerous is that if the radiation is bad, the Geiger counter will stay at zero. It will not peg out or make an alarm. It will show zero. That is dangerous.

Along with knowing where radiation is, why don’t we pay attention to keeping it out of our systems. For the kids, I was able to order Tyvek suits. For the adults, I was able to find a box of 4 military MOPP suits. It is the desert chocolate chip desert camo, while all the rest of our gear is woodland camo. Realistically, as much as I hate to say it, if radiation is the issue, does the pattern really matter? I was able to get this at an affordable price, new in the box.

Lastly is what happens if radiation gets into your system? Potassium Iodide 130 mg tablets with an expiration of 2029. I have seen 2 different types, the IOSAT and the Surviodine. I went with the Surviodine. Mainly due to the bottle it comes in as opposed to the foil packs. Directions are simple, take 1 daily. It is supposed to stop radiation from getting into your thyroid.

Outside of the Radiation survey meter, I got suits for all and pills for all. The total cost for everything was just shy of $200. This is including 2 extra MOPP Suits since I purchased a 4 pack. We have 2 adults and 2 children. I could have gotten away with getting Tydex for everyone and cutting about $60 off the total cost, but being a former Marine, MOPP gear is better suited for adults who can handle working while properly suited up. Tydex will work for the kids, and MOPP is camo instead of bright yellow or white. It is up to you what you look into for this arena of prepping.

I feel good about where a lot of my preps are, and we are getting used to things like eating our own homemade bread and canned meats. I should say the kids are getting used to it. Homemade bread is one of the best tasting things out there. We even cooked 2 loaves of Italian bread in the sun oven today and tomorrow is looking like we are going to try solar jerky for the first time. I bought a hunk of beef today just for that experiment. Speaking of which, I need to slice it and get it in the marinade, so with that, I shall bid you adieu. Stay safe and stay prepared.

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