Rebuild it stronger, faster and smarter than before.

As recently posted, we had an incident with plastic shelving that left us surprisingly alright, but allowed us to see that we needed to make improvements. We looked at some of the local classifieds with little luck, that is, until my wife looked at some facebook classifieds thing. That being said, I forgot we have an account because the girl scouts made us get an account to stay up to date.

My wife and I were scrolling through a lot of shelves before we found something that piqued my interest. There was a collection of metal shelves, a bunch of 4 ft shelves and even more shorter shelves. The pictures looked like it might even come with the (legs?) for them. We ordered them with the “what is the worst that can happen” scenario playing.

We may not get what we ordered, since it was a shipping only deal, but it is worth the risk, especially since we are covered should it not come out right. Also, we figure on building a wooden frame for our new shelves anyway, and the metal shelves are a lot cheaper than buying wood to make them at the current time of this writing. I will post more upon receiving the shelves and building them, but just wanted to mention ways to find things you may need for your preps on the cheap. I will add the cost in the end, after ensuring we get what we ordered and such.

On that last note, I want to mention to everyone to stay safe and stay prepared. I know things could change drastically over a relatively short period of time, but make sure you are doing what is right for you and your family. Keep them safe and make sure you are prepared for them as well.

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