Companies putting preps on clearance?

I have been seeing a lot of prep items on clearance at stores lately. Part of it doesn’t help that the U.S. tends to believe that the pandemic is over, so instantly everyone forgets. I am seeing hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes on clearance. Usually a dollar or less. I picked up a dozen emergency ponchos on clearance for $.75.

During the height of the pandemic you couldn’t find things in certain areas. Flour was one thing that was in short supply. Now stores ordered when demand was high, and flour is on clearance. At a local grocery store, I am getting a 5# bag for $.99. The big box stores like walmart sell it at $1.22 for the same bag. The local grocery is really cutting their price. I bought an additional 8 bags of flour because why not? We will need it and/or use it. I cannot help but think that the way the world is right now, preps wouldn’t be on the clearance shelf. Again, short and sweet. Stay safe and stay prepared.

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