More tech for prep?

A lot of the tech I use for prepping can be charged via USB via solar. Whether through a power bank of the charge controller itself. Even my ham radio set-ups can be charged this way. My HF rig is contained in a box that has solar panels mounted to it to be all inclusive. I just ordered something I never thought I would do, a name brand tablet. More specifically, a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. While this may be older, it runs windows. I prefer linux on my computers, but windows has a lot more backing from 3rd party developers.

When it comes to Ham radio applications and such, windows has the edge. That makes me sick just saying it, but it is true. The libraries for these types of devices also makes it very convenient. I did, however, purchase this one without an OS because it was affordable, and hopefully I figured out how to take care of that issue. When it comes to tech, always be on the lookout for decent deals.

Remember, you do not have to be a genius and know everything about everything. You need to know how to get to the information you need. Having a vast library can greatly increase your value down the road in a SHTF type world. I am a jack of all trades type of person. I am a master of none, but there are specialties I do better than others, and these are skills that should, hopefully, keep my family and I safe should shtf.

Anyhow, I got things to do and work to get ready for, so good luck. Stay safe and stay prepared.

2 thoughts on “More tech for prep?

  1. That’s what I like to read, practical thoughts on technology.
    And yes I LOATH Windows as well.

    I use minimal technology in my prepping and do chuckle a lot at people I know with ham setups that fade to black in a grid down scenario.
    So, there I am, on 11m, marine band, and PMR446 Radios.
    All powered by solar recharged NIMH batteries.


    1. I like participating in big events like field day with 20 watts and off grid power. When competing with 1500 watt stations and still getting through you know you will be heard grid down. I am looking into better batteries, but for now what i have has to be good enough. Windows does somethings well but Linux has me sold anymore. Thank you for your time.

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