New tech for our next gen preps.

I have written about our first gen night vision that can be had for around $70. That can be an invaluable tool. I have recently written about thermal cameras in the Flir One and Flir One Pro. While these are far from the most superior things on the market, they do open up a nice world of possibility. These thermal cameras can help see people skirting the outside of a property or snooping around from a decent distance away. That being said, I will do a more thorough review of these devices when I have the time to do a more thorough analysis. They do work better in the day for visuals as the secondary camera can help distinguish what you are looking at. At night, when the is low light, the thermals do the work, but it is harder to tell what you are looking at. Still, a person walking through the woods should still be obvious to you.

The biggest upgrade to our preps is our Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. I ordered the medium 4 shelf freeze dryer. There used to be an approximate 6 week backlog. Currently, I ordered mine on July 2nd, and the estimated delivery was somewhere between September 1st and 7th. I received notification that it had shipped, and arrival should be July 15th.

The Harvest Right Freeze Dryer is a big investment up front. It took me and the wife about a year to make this decision. Part of what made the decision a little easier was seeing that I am often times giving 20 dozen eggs away because we cannot use them or store them fast enough. We started water glassing but there is still just to many. Freeze drying will be a way to save all these eggs. We also want to try to preserve meats this way. This will allow us to have meat even if the grid were to go down. The possibility of selling freeze dried meats and produce is also lucrative enough to start down this path. One of my first freeze drying experiences will be ice cream sandwiches, however.

I live rather frugal outside of my preps. I do take prepping rather serious. Luckily the last 2 years has allowed my wife to see into the world I see. My family knows I prep for them. Food prices soar, availability shrinks and long term storage becomes a safe bet. Where I live water is relatively easy to come by. That and we have redundancies for water. Food is a little more labor intensive and time consuming to get it on the table. Sure hunting can be done in a day or 2 at first, but then the game goes and everyone is starving. Gardening is long term, and a great way to add to your stored foods. It would be years before you can have animals farmed for food after a major collapse, except for maybe rabbits.

The point of this is to bring up that there are many advances in technology that can help with security, whether it is food security or threat security. Do not be afraid to use the technology of today to prepare for the world of tomorrow. Stay safe and stay prepared.

3 thoughts on “New tech for our next gen preps.

  1. I bought Gen 1 NV years ago when serving.
    Even then the UK forces were known as the borrowers and some of us equipped ourselves as best we could.
    It ran off three AAA cells. Which are now rechargeable.
    It still works, in a old green way.
    Tactically speaking though, it has it’s faults.
    The biggest one was everyone else with NV could see the IR illuminator.
    I found that out the hard way.


    1. I hear you there. When I was serving our NVG’s were good. Driving with them was wierd to get used too. The gen1 night vision has its flaws, but still better than nothing. Thank you for your time reading my little article and being my first comment.

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