NYC starts the fall

This is a quick assessment of the current changes. Now to start is this very interesting report on the CDC website:

Most people in this town who had tested positive for covid-19 were vaccinated. There is 0 news stories on this. This is a report on, not some tin hat fringe website.

NYC a few days ago mandated city employees to get the vaccine or get tested every week. Now they mandated the vaccine to do anything in public like eat at a restaurant, watch a movie or go to the gym. This seems like it will just be the start.

Locally we are seeing the positive cases rise, and moving our level up to substantial. This is the point earlier in the year when schooling was from home and businesses were shut down. I haven’t met anyone this time around who is sick, and last time I knew quite a few, myself included. There is a rumor (from a reliable friend) that there is a chance of federal mask mandates coming in mid-August. At first, I wasn’t sure, but now New York has a vaccine mandate starting August 16th. Interesting.

I do hope people are still prepping, and even pushing it into a reasonable overdrive. I do not think we are far from shut downs again. Our economy will not recover from what happens next. On top of that, a local subway had a sign on their door requesting patience as there is not enough employees to stay open as long as they usually would. Please be careful and stay prepared.

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