Is the state of PA following NYC?

We all know Flip-Flop Fauci who cannot keep an opinion more than a week. Well, I have found a runner up. I call him Wishy-Washy Wolf, the governor of PA. This guy personally lost a lot of people great paying jobs back in 2015, and why I had to take an 80K/year pay cut then. Anyhow, back to the point in hand, I have a little timeline to go into.

July 28th- Governor Wolf has no plan for vaccine mandates.

August 11th- Governor Wolf vaccine mandates for state employees. This was less than 2 weeks after saying he was not going to mandate vaccines.

My concern is what happens next? When NYC had this exact vaccine mandate for city employees, for which there are around 340,000, just days later the vaccine passport became mandated in NYC. You can not go to diners, movies, gyms etc without proof of vaccination. Is that where the entire state of Pennsylvania is heading? I assume so. I am also assuming that school will be shut down again before too long.

I cannot get to far down this road as of yet. I know they are trying to enforce vaccine mandates at my work, and in my opinion it is your choice. I am personally not getting the shot. The CDC cannot keep up with their opinion on what occurs. Reading the CDC’s reports gives you mixed thoughts.

Yes, this is just 1 specific, but it best highlights why I think the vaccine should be a personal choice. The CDC has said the vaccine is not to prevent you from getting Covid, but makes you less likely to get severely sick or die. Basically it makes you a better chance of being an asymptomatic spreader. On top of that, per the CDC, vaccinated individuals carry the same viral load as non-vaccinated people, which means the virus is growing in vaccinated people just as if they were unvaccinated. If this is the case, it would only make sense that a vaccine resistant virus will mutate because it is growing in the same bodies the vaccine was administered into.

I know there are people here who do not agree, and I am fine with that. My biggest point is it should be your choice. If you have had the virus and fought it off, why do I need some shot. I may be wrong, I may be right. Either way it is my choice. The media can have people like Gene Simmons from KISS saying getting the vaccine should be law. I don’t care what some rocker thinks when the CDC aren’t even sure yet.

I won’t mind living in the fringe of society should that be where things lead. I follow all the rules, wear mask, I have home test kits I use just in case. If I feel ill, I stay at home. I make responsible decisions for the safety of others. The media(we no longer call it news) makes it sound like people like me wear tin foil hats, think Trump is riding into office on a sparkling unicorn, call us anti-vaxxers and Covid deniers. When the argument results in name calling, the conversation has been lost. I have many vaccines, and I am not opposed to them. I have had covid, and know it is a real virus. I have been paying attention to it on the fringe since December of 2019. There are no tin foil hats and let us just say unicorns do not exists.

Society is pushing half the population to the wayside. In reality, people just want to see more actual science before injecting themselves with these vaccines. There are reasons. Pfizer vaccines supposedly increase a woman’s cup size. Why would a vaccine increase a woman’s cup size? Can this lead to breast cancer down the road? What if people with this certain disease or disorder wind up having adverse reactions down the road? The reality is that you cannot un-inject yourself. This is where there is the most concern. You are free to think and do whatever you want, and so am I.

If we continue down this road, especially with injections that are not even approved, where will it lead? What else can employers enforce? I will end with this. Feel free to get the vaccine or don’t. That choice is up to you, for now. I think being forced an injection is pushing a very bad precedence. I hope everyone stays safe for whatever may be coming, and stay prepared. My next article will be far lighter and more prepper-y. Not sure exactly how to spell that word so we are going with that.

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