Getting around in a post-infrastucture bill America.

There are many things going on in the U.S. and around the world that lead to concern. This is why we prep. As new things arise, we adapt and prep for what we see and know is coming along with the unknowns. This is where my preps are currently leading me.

Part of the infrastructure bill also follows something my states governor tried to push, a tax per mile driven. I am against this. That being said, we need to prepare for what is really going on. I decided to build an a bike. I was not sure which way to go. Should I go electric? Should I go 2 stroke? Should I go 4 stroke? Well, I made the decision and am working on it now. I am going to try to go electric and 4 stroke.

I will have to wait until the kits all come in and see how they could work together. That being said, worst case scenario I make 2 different bikes. Best case, I make 1 bike with 3 ways to power. Electric, gas and man-power. The bike would be really heavy thought, as the average 4 stroke kit weighs about 65 pounds. This will also be taxing on the e-bike kit. I am using a front hub design to possibly be able to put both on the same bike.

I have been very lucky over the last year and a half. Working, prepping and learning. Where I am at, we are getting a lot of pressure to cave to the narrative. I am aware that my luck maybe running out through this pandemic. There are threats of job loss. I am making sure my family has as large of a buffer as possible to this threat. Until then, I will ask that you stay safe and stay prepared.

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