Vaccine approval and what it could lead to.

It is currently Sunday, August 22nd. In the U.S. it appears that the Pfizer vaccine is going to be approved on Monday. If this is the case, it will remove the only real obstacle our government has had in really forcing vaccinations. I still believe it should be up to you. Outside of that, mandates do not make me want to say Ok, I trust you.

So I believe that in the very near future, mandates are going to be rolling through out the country. There is already a school district in California that is mandating vaccines to kids 12 and older. They will not be allowed to attend school without the vaccine. This was before the news of an approval.

I live in Pennsylvania with a very liberal governor. I foresee by the end of the week a new wave of mandates, up to and including vaccine passports either through the major cities or statewide. Neither would surprise me. The fact that our entire nation is in a war against personal choice is mind blowing. Again, I have never met a person who does not want this vaccine that says you should not get it. All of us believe that it is your choice to make, and either way, we hope the best for you. Do not be forced into any position by your government. I will update with any local changes in the coming days. Stay safe and stay prepared.

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