Covid evolutions and local policy.

To start with, I will say that Tuesday, September 7th, we have a lot of changes coming. My job officially starts its vaccine mandate. This translates to 78% of our workforce getting tested weekly. I did ask the question to my union about why only unvaccinated people are getting tested since vaccinated people still get covid and are more likely to be asymptomatic spreaders. I still have not received an answer.

Our kids school also starts their mask mandate starting Tuesday. Parents are all up in arms about the masks.This is the Governors doing. Our governor is pissed that we stripped him of his emergency powers, so he went around our new laws and went through the states Department of Health. Either way, the school board members were being harassed about the masking mandates. I spoke at the meeting, only to suggest that the school board has a plan in advance to vaccine mandates at the school. Some states and counties are already running mandates on students. In Hawaii, if you play high school sports, and wish to participate, you must be vaccinated. In LA county, one school district is requiring students 12 and over to be vaccinated. Here is the New York Times article.

Now on the the Mu news. A few days ago we began hearing of a new and possibly vaccine resistant variant. Yesterday an article came out that LA had the first case in the U.S. Today they are saying that 47 States (technically 46 and D.C.) have the Mu variant. Dr. Anthony Fauci, aka Captain Flip-Flop, is also saying that the MU variant is not an immediate threat. This is coming as within 3 days we go from hearing about it to in nearly every state in the U.S. We have not had confirmation about the Mu variant actually being vaccine resistant, but it seems so from other countries initial response.

That being said, I think that our government is going to take full advantage of the fast spread of the Mu variant within the U.S. I think that we are heading towards another set of restrictions. I hate when Americans call what we had as lock downs. Other countries had lock downs. I do not go out all the time, so my life barely changed. I think that the governing body is also going to take full advantage of the situation to take attention from the continuing Afghanistan train wreck.

For all the veterans out there, I know that the Afghanistan situation sucks. When parts of Iraq I was in fell again, I questioned on why we had friends die for no reason. In reality, the Afghanistan situation shows the worst is our current administration while our military members current and vets showed the best of us. The government is certainly going to take advantage of this situation to try to take more from the American people. Think about it. Stay safe and Stay Prepared.

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