Working on Medical Training.

We had a little family emergency the other day. It was not major in today’s world, but post-shtf, if could have been life altering, and possibly a death sentence. This is where my wife and I realized that we need to address our shortcomings with medical. We have basic first-aid and CPR, but nothing better. We have a solid med-kit, but are hoping that if something happened, we could utilize the doctors who live down the road.

I should say that as a Marine from years ago, I did have more medical training. The one that sits the most with me has to do with a sucking chest wound. The was also what, like 14-15 years ago? Man has it been that long?

Well, I cannot afford for us to go to EMT school, let alone trying to get time off from work to do that. I was looking at the most recent EMT text book. They are almost $100 for the 11th edition. I bought 2 of the 10th edition for a total of $17 after tax. This is the book:

Prehospital Emergency Care

Prehospital Emergency Care (10th Edition) - Paperback - GOOD

We do need to see how we are going to do some kind of classes, be it via online videos or what. We cannot take real classes due to the above constraints, but we can still do our best with what we got. Always try to do your best with whatever you are doing. It will always be better than doing nothing. Keep on preparing because tomorrow may be worse than today.

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