Paypal issue fixed.

As in my last post, there was a security issue with my paypal. That has since been fixed. What is lucky is nothing was used, no money spent. That had the potential to be very scary. It took about 45 minutes on the phone and resetting everything completely. So much fun. I will recommend setting up the 2-step verification if you have not. They would not have had the ability to screw my account had I have had this set-up.

I will also say that by catching it quickly, and talking to paypal immediately, I was pretty well protected. Anything that would have been spent would have been cancelled and my finances protected, although if money had been spent, it could have taken up to 10 days to fix. Luckily we caught it early and the hackers didn’t try to spend anything. Also, watch out for spamming of emails centered around 1 time. They are trying to log into as many accounts as possible after they find 1 they can log into.

On a very odd side note, we just had a state trooper helicopter circling over head. We are wondering if they are looking for something specific because it was very low, and our neighbors have a lot of history with the police. It was very strange, not something that occurs in my area very often, as in ever. Their has been a lot of that since the neighbors moved in, however. Things that don’t seem quite normal all the time now. Anyhow, pay attention, stay safe and stay prepared.

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