My start to stacking.

Starting into the world of stacking is very interesting and not something to jump into in the beginning of your prepping lifestyle. I am comfortable where I am, and continue to move forward. I am not going to get crazy into stacking precious metals or anything too crazy. I bought some copper rounds as a little intro into stacking. I ordered my 1st oz of silver, and bought some old half-dollar rolls. For real, the half-dollar rolls may have some 90% or 40% silvers in it, but I will always have money for the kids and the tooth fairy.

I am just learning about the world of junk silver, which is where my interest lies. My uncle has been an avid coin collector all my life. He has an awesome collection, including some stuff I an interested in. To me, it would be nice to have the super rare coin mis-prints or whatever, but I am more interested in usability. Silver also has medical uses. Gold has dental uses. I just think that having some metals could be nice. Spending money would also be useful should things go bad. I just thought it was neat and wanted to post here.

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