Today’s silver hunt from a beginner.

I was given some cash for my birthday somewhat recently. I forgot about it, and while I was in town, I went to try to buy some silver. The one store I thought sold gold and silver actually only buy gold and silver. The only other place I know who sells junk silver is the pawn shop and they did not open today. I decided to go to the bank. I had $40 in my pocket specifically for silver but did not find any, so I bought 4 rolls of half dollars.

Like I said before, the half dollars are still our normal currency, although not widely used. I can use it for the kids, and it is legal tender. If I find nothing in these rolls, I still have my $40. Right now I am looking at the rolls of half dollars. Here is what I can see:

I can see a Bicentennial half from 1976, a 1971 half, a reverse of Independence hall and the reverse with the eagle with arrows and olive branches. I guess it is now time to open. I am not expecting much out of this, but I thought it would be fun here. People will buy boxes of half dollars and maybe find 1 or so silver in there. This is more for fun and the kids will have rewards for good behavior out of these half dollars. We will open these in the order above. I assume there is nothing in these as the bottom of these rolls are just folded over and not tightly rolled.

Let us open the first: There is nothing. 1971-1986.

Next roll: There is nothing. 1971-2009

Next roll: There is nothing. 1971-2000.

The Last roll: Nothing. 1971-1989.

So, my $40 investment netted me $40 in half dollars. Still a net loss of 0.00%.

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