Second attempt at 1/2 dollar searching.

Well, to start off with, this is another $40 in half dollars. I am enjoying the fact that I will have $80 stored away as spendable cash without having concern of spending it early. I am looking for silver, be it 90% or 40%, but there are signs that this will be yet another bust. First off, it is from ebay. Second, the pictures shows rolls with black on them and I received rolls with yellow on them. They stated the coins are coming from this box, and that the ender coins may be different for the second half since they were not specifically pictures. Hmm… Well, I guess I should start the check.

So, what is firstly noticeable is that the faces we can see are a 77, 71, 89, 72 and 84.The 84 has a permanent marker streak and one of the tails has a streak right across the back. I am having some serious doubt that these were non-searched as well, but alas, we give it a go. Let us see what we have.

Roll #1- All clad, nothing to note upfront. I will say that if I even find 1 silver, I would be shocked.

Roll #2- Again, nothing of note, except that every 1/2 dollar with a black marker across the back has been a 1971, like someone was looking for something and crossed them off. This is peculiar, especially with 3 in 1 roll. Let us continue.

Roll #3- These were re-rolled edges. You should not be able to pull them apart. I will find nothing at all in these. Nothing of note.

Roll #4- Nothing. Do not buy Original Bank Wrapping on ebay. They are fraudulent. You are better off going to your local bank and pulling some. At least then you are only paying face value. I was going to post pictures, but really not worth it on a cherry picked lot.

Well, at least I have cash on hand for whatever may happen down the road. Thanks for being here, and remember to stay safe and stay prepared.

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