Possible Covid round 2.

I had Covid last year. Tested positive November 4th, returned to work Nov 16th. Acquired from my work place when it was running through our population. This time, I started sneezing a lot on Oct 11th. When I sneeze a lot, I am starting to get sick. On the 12th, I had chest congestion and coughing along with head and body aches. Normal flu stuff. The 13th, I woke up, and had no sense of smell again, and this time I had no taste. Last year, I only lost smell. It lasted 4 days. This time it only lasted about a day and a half. I tested with smelling Jalepeno powder. I had to call into work on the 13th due to the lack of smell and taste.

I was able to schedule my test for the 14th. I took the test, and now I have to wait for the test results. I cannot see it coming back negative because of the loss of smell and taste again. I am curious because of having a previous infection. I am also annoyed because at work they only test non-vaccinated even though most of our positives since the vax mandate were in vaccinated staff. That being said,our genius Governor put the vax mandate in before the presidents mandate, and 13 days after the same Governor specifically stated that there would be no vax mandates in our state.

What else is interesting is that the covid-19 call off interview now asks if you are vaccinated. We are waiting for that to decide whether you are on paid leave or unpaid leave when sick. Now, on this part, I have to admit that it is nice having the job I have, especially when management will send you home sometimes from contact tracing, and won’t let you back until your test results come in. I would be pissed if your decision makes me go home and lose money. Now I keep my distance and wear masks because I have to at work and am used to it.

That being said, I will post an update. The weirdest part so far was on the 14th when my sense of smell was waxing and waning. When I first got my smell back, it seemed like hyper-sensitive. that it went away again, and by like 2PM it was mostly back. Last time it was gone until it came back. Some other things I notice this time are deep chest congestion and more achy and tired, or fatigued, and plenty of nasal congestion. I know there are many trains of thought on the virus. That is not in my wheelhouse to state.

I am for you having a choice on the vax, if you want it. I am against forcing it on people, especially those who don’t want it. I feel like there are many real questions people have that there are no answers. I also hate that the media spins it like we, the non-vaxxed, are morons who think aliens are going to abduct us if we get the vax. Most of us want to see more long term data, especially with certain ailments. Forcing people to get it by punishing those who don’t is a joke. I will be walked out before being forced to be injected by something per the governments orders. I understand people saying “well, what about Polio? People took that vaccine to help out.” Yes, but what those people fail to understand is that the Polio vaccine also took 28 years to get FDA Approval. Now this Covid vaccine is a brand new type of vaccine (the MRNA shots) and was the fastest vaccine ever made. I do not feel comfortable with that, and will need to see more data, personally. Anyhow, that is where I am at, and will post an update on what I see when my results are in. Stay safe and stay prepared.

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