Alternative ways to keep kids happy.

We have been planning ahead for Christmas ahead of the shortages. We want to make sure the kids are happy. There are rumors of power issues throughout the winter and gas and heating extremes. We are working on the heating with installing a wood burning stove, and have some forms of propane heat to apply as back-ups. These can provide warmth and light. Whether or not there are electrical issues, we want to start segregating ourselves from electricity. What alternative do we use for basic entertainment?

We have low power options that can be charged from solar set-ups to watch movies when mom and dad may have to work and kids may need to be stationary and potentially quiet. What about when everyone is together? Well, we decided to get a game. I should say I did. I bought a game the likes of which I have never played. I got a table top role playing game called monster of the week. Apparently these can last a couple of hours, and can be played with a minimum of supplies.

I do not know much about this as it is a Christmas present, but I am more than willing to learn and play, especially if it is something we can do as a family indoors during winter and without electronics. I am aware that this is outside of many preppers wheelhouse, and is sure as hell out of mine. Apparently this game runs off of the monster of the week tropes than many tv shows do. The reason I picked it is because growing up I watched Buffy and Supernatural (technically Supernatural as an adult as well.)

I also want to attach the ideas of prepping into this gameplay. My kids love playing the game “Bugout” created by youtube creator Praxis Prepper. So the kids are open into the basics of prepping, and are luckily able to keep their mouths shut about preps. In this game Monster of the Week, your characters are monster hunters, so basically Sam and Dean, but you can have different types of characters. You have to learn about these monsters along with the towns you are in. This includes reading town maps and paying attention to directions and travel. Over the coarse of plays, the kids will also learn about things to carry, like everyday carry items. I also hope to teach them a lot about basic prepping and survival skills (basics prior to the next camping trip) in a fun way that they may not be so bored learning about the skills.

I also intend on working is morse code into the game play. Possibly a character locked up giving hints by banging on a pipe in morse code. The options are boundless and I expect to have a lot of fun doing this. The main reason I am writing this is to push the idea of making sure your kids have a decent Christmas this year, and to also remember to have fun with your family. This is very important. I know this particular game may not be your cup of tea, but for us I know we will have fun as well. Make sure you stay safe and stay prepared.

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