Pushing Narratives: The Fall

Obviously there is 1 thing on the mind of preppers right now. The effects of the Rittenhouse case. I believe that the jury made the right choice. I believe that if there would have been a guilty verdict, self defense would have been all but impossible and emboldened the rioters and looters, allowing them to know that there was nothing to stand in there way.

After the not guilty verdict, there were protests, which are perfectly fine. You cannot make everyone happy. The problem is that rioters and looters, arsonists and domestic terrorist will turn a protest into much worse, as they already are. This is where the issues lay.

We have a media that is intentionally trying to add fuel to the fire to separate our nation. We are in the midst of a global breakdown on multiple fronts, but instead we are to busy infighting to pay attention to what is going on everywhere. Perhaps instead of watching the media we can pay attention to what is going on, and on what really matters.

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