A New year, more too come.

It has been a little while since I have posted, and the reason is rather simple. Work. Mandates around other people out sick, holidays and stuff around the house. We have had a lot of rain making a mucky mess for the goats. I know how cliche new years resolutions have gotten, but I am doing it. I am involved in a biggest loser challenge at work (winner gets $400,) I have been tobacco free for almost a year and a half, and I am ready to get into shape. Funny that my first post a few years ago was about being a fat prepper, and nothing has really changed.

At one point, in a 6 week period, I managed to lose 39 pounds, and was down to 209. I have had a hard time working overtime and keeping up with the exercise and diet (insert excuses here.) Well, I am on the start. This time of year works out great because of the lack of overtime needing to be worked, and the availability of that overtime as well. My plan is really simple, to be completely honest, and I plan on adding updates maybe weekly or so as an accountability here.

My breakfast is plain oatmeal or with a little sweetener and cinnamon. My dinner is Chicken breast and broccoli. I drink water all day with a cup or 2 of hot tea a day, usually with the meals. I am taking my multi-vitamins and omega-3s to work on my cholesterol. I finally got my good cholesterol up to a good number by following my doctors advice and drinking 1 shot a night. I hate liquor, and don’t drink, but the doc ordered it, so I followed. I have been getting on the treadmill daily, between 3.5 and 4.5 miles each day. Shower afterwards. I will be adding weight training in probably next week, once I get fully accustomed to this new schedule and routine. So far so good. Once I get into the routine of exercising daily, I can add to my diet. Reminds me of the days when I was a marine PTing everyday and eating everyday.

Now for the shameful part, my weigh in was 265 (At work with boots and uniform on.) This was on December 28th. That hurt and was an eye opener when I realized that in 2015 I was down to 209. My goodness was that a disappointment. I am 36, and surprisingly I am not getting any younger. Also, on Christmas, some on my family members acknowledged my weight. I should add that I am 6 foot tall (I was 6’2″ when I was 180#’s.) If I can get back down to my infantry weight, I would be losing 33% of my weight. Jeesh.

So, enough of that topic, and onto today’s interesting prep. I made biscuits from scratch, cut them up and they are in the freeze dryer as we speak. The other set of trays are being used for sausage gravy. That is right, biscuits and gravy will be on the apocalypse menu. I do have to say that I feel much better making this after Retired at 40 made his. I do need to order a set of his tray dividers as that would make the sausage gravy a lot easier to split up.

If you are interested in freeze drying I cannot recommend Retired at 40 enough. His channel is great, and has a lot of information about freeze drying. That and their store, freezedryingsupplies.com has amazing products that are actually made to work. While writing this, I decided to order the tray dividers. Their tray stackers are solid and work very well. There are some things I would not buy, but that is me.

Anyhow, this is me on January 5th, 2022. As we move forward in the year, we shall see how things progress. My wife and I have decided to make this year our year to start working on ourselves. I have an appointment on January 31st with my doctor who kind of gave me a pass last year on the weight because I quit using tobacco. I will not get another pass. I am hoping to be down to 240 by that appointment. That should still make her happy from last years weight. I know that looks like a lot, but 265 was with my uniform including warming layers and heavy work boots. Anyhow, I hope that things get better, but I am taking a break from concerning myself with current events affecting us personally. We are still watching what is going on, but we are more concerned with family and self. Prepping will still be on the foreground, but we are prepping our bodies now.

Also, we have also done 23andme, and I am very curious about my background. My mom was adopted, so we don’t know much about that entire half of the family, and my dad’s side was not very informative when they were still alive. I think it will be a little interesting to see where we came from. Anyway, I just want everyone to stay safe and keep on prepping.

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