Adding to Emergency comms

This is a short post that will be expanded on later on. I ordered a QDX from QRP Labs and finally got the shipped email. This is a small kit that you can run digital modes on with just the QDX, an antenna, power source and the computer. I am also getting a new tablet to test out for ham radio and kid friendly apps. It is a 10 inch off brand tablet running Android 10 and some other specs. I will post here with my personal review for a sub $100 tablet if it is any good for normal use. Finally, I am getting the Malachite SDR receiver. This has potential for an amazing SHTF communication tool I will get into when I write about it in its own posting. These are some big moves in the communication aspect, and wanted to put this out there as a little teaser for what lies ahead. I suggest checking out QRP Labs and the Malachite SDR.

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