COVID-19 round 2

Hello everyone. I am positive for a second time with Covid-19. The first time was Nov. 4th, 2020. This one is today, Jan. 26th, 2022. So here is how this happened. 2 people I work with were sick over the weekend. I was around them both Jan. 22nd and 23rd. I was off January 24th and 25th wasting vacation days because of a family issue. The night of the 25th I could hardly sleep. I was freezing. I am always warm, and Iam sleeping with extra covers, layers and a beanie. I was up all night.

In the morning of the 26th, I start feeling a tickle in my throat. Then I realize how sore and achy I am. I originally thought that this was from my son and I working out, but now realized that the soreness spread, and is more of an ache. Crap. So right now I have chills, cough, phlegm, sore throat, achy, congested and nauseous. Yes, dizzy/foggy. I wait until the family leaves and take a home test.

I have taken several tests over the last 2 years. We have kept some BinaxNOW on hand. Well, I have wondered if they work based on being sick with no sense of smell or taste, and coming up negative. This was the first time I have gotten a positive test result on the home test. I called my workplace to inform them of my positive status and scheduled a test at CVS. I chose the lab test as it is more accurate than the rapid test. I am currently on quarantine, staying in 1 room except for using the bathroom, more or less. Part of the sore throat in a raspy voice that I expect to lose in the coming days.

I will say that quarantining was boring last time. This time I brought projects into the room. I got DMR running, made a contact with Scotland. I am still not comfortable throwing my call on DMR even though I do on HF. I got winlink set up as well. Ham radio email. I will post more as time goes on. I am trying to respoke a bike wheel, build the digital radio kit and just finish some odds and ends. Thank you all, stay safe and stay prepared.

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