Watch the propaganda machine in the U.S. leading up to the mid-term elections.

This is just one story I saw today pushing propaganda against Republicans as we head toward the mid-terms. There is certainly going to be a push, but what is sad is that so many people believe everything they read even when they have seen the exact opposite with their own eyes.

My predictions for this year are as follows: Russia is gonna keep poking a Ukraine, probably invade, which will start a conflict. China threatened the U.S. over Taiwan, so Biden will back down. Russia and China will attack about the same time. causing a global conflict. Timeline, I have no idea. I also believe that coming to the midterms, there will be a new strain of COVID in the summer, causing more restrictions because it will be deadlier and more transmissible and other scary words for a power grab. What else will happen is Biden will forgive student loan debt to buy votes for the mid-terms.

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