Whatever tomorrow brings…

So, it appears that we may be on the edge of WWIII. Russian markets are down, Russia is invading part of Ukraine. I am betting that when markets open tomorrow, they will be under $30K. I tend to pay attention but not overly worry, but these tensions have been rising for a while now. The American freedom convoy is supposed to start in 2 days, on the 23rd. What better way to distract the American people from the problems in house than involving us in problems outside. My simple prediction is a crash tomorrow in the markets, especially with everything after a holiday weekend. War is imminent and civil unrest will spike. Things may take a strange appearance in the coming days, especially with how weak our country is. Just wanted to make a quick post. Please do your shopping now, fill up your tanks, check your plans. Cyber attacks may occur to prevent or at least delay assistance. Be safe and stay prepared.

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