Pre-planning my kayak

We currently have 2 inflatable kayaks which are fun and easily transportable which make them great for prepping. That being said, I have always wanted a hard kayak for a few reasons, especially fishing. I don’t feel comfortable fishing in an inflatable kayak. Our kayaks are the Intex Excursion Pro which is very sturdy and do well with myself and 1 child in each.

I am looking at purchasing a hard kayak, and the reason why I am deciding this now is because of a bonus from our work place. If you had worked the entirety of the pandemic, our union is giving us a $1,000 bonus (I think this is just part of our dues returned) and I made a deal with my wife. My intention was a kayak, but I needed a way to get it. I began thinking about how to wheel and deal, and a genius idea came up. “Hey hun, I want to let you know that I am getting a $1,000 bonus from work, and I think it would be fun to split it 50/50 and you can spend it however you wish and I do the same.” She agreed surprisingly easily. I am looking for brand new ones in case I cannot find a used one in my price range, but should be able to get a better kayak for the price if used. If not, I think I am looking at the Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100, at least for now, as my go to.

I have been looking into the basic upgrades for what I want. I did buy an old fish finder, a hummingbird LCR4000. Should be in this week. I am not looking at spending a lot of money in upgrades, but I will be adding a few. First will be a solar panel on the front. This will help charge the battery for the fish finder and the radio that will be mounted. Yes, it will be a cheap radio, but for emergency comms should you need them. I am also interested in using a magnet for magnet fishing as an anchor. Maybe grab a few interesting finds this summer while fishing.

I will post more coming up as things develop. I am trying to separate global politics from my evolution as a prepper. While neither is mutually exclusive, and both are really tied deeply together, this site was developed as a prepping site, and while I have my opinions, outside of facts, I am trying to separate the two trains of thought. Stay safe and stay prepared.

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