A new find for life and prep

I have been looking for a kayak for a while. We have a couple of inflatable kayaks which are great for transportation in an emergency and fun during camping. However I do not feel comfortable fishing out of an inflatable kayak. This is where my search began.

I started looking at new kayaks available in my area, and was considering the Lifetime Tamarack Angler Pro for about $400, but the weight limit is kind of low at 275 pounds. I then set my sights on the Pelican Covert 120 at tractor supply which was on sale for $449 and had a weight limit of 350 pounds. This was my bookmark. I was hoping to get the July 4th military discount at tractor supply already on their sale price. Truth be told, I figure the price would go up prior to the 4th.

I then began searching on different classifieds pages. After about a week, I figure I am not going to find something that meets my requirements close enough to be worth the drive with the price of gas. I stopped checking for a few days then randomly decided to look. I found a 12 foot canoe/kayak hybrid with a 350 pound weight limit for $350. Sold. I know have a hard shell kayak which I have wanted for a few reasons.

I wanted somewhere I could mount a small solar panel on, along with my battery and charge controller. I want to be able to use my radio if need be and utilize my fish finder and trolling motor. Buying used also lets me feel less bad for modifying the kayak. I would suggest looking in the used market if you are looking for anything prep related, but especially watercraft. I just wanted to throw this out there for anyone who may be interested. Stay prepped and stay safe.

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