Dealing with stress in the apocalypse and the every day.

I was talking to a friend the other day who was so stressed they felt like collapsing in tears. This is a prepper friend, and someone who pays attention to the news and global events. I am far from a medical expert, and mental health is outside of my realm of expertise, but for regular people stressing over regular things, I have some tips.

When I was deployed in Iraq, we were in fire fights damn near every day. This is a high stress environment, but I noticed then that there were 2 different types of people. These are people who hold onto things and those who let go. I personally am a let it go type person. I don’t tend to hold grudges and tend to roll with the punches. A marine buddy of mine never saw a firefight and was stressed for years after his deployment. He is a hold onto it type.

The difference is that we as preppers have prepped to soften any blow we may receive. That is a large part of the reason we prep. I don’t want to be stressed on a personal level when we have natural stressors on a national or global scale. Take a breath and slow down. At what point has stressing been of benefit to you? Even though it may seem like everything is crashing down, this is what we prep for, and in the end, whatever situation comes our way we can come through out the other side better and stronger for it. The same reason you prep, and the people you prep for are your strength.

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