Personal prep before the fall

This is going to be short, but we have a lot going on with our nation and the globe. We are in scary times and there are many forces at work potentially on the verge of a global war. Even moving forward, we are hearing threats coming ahead for September 24th. What is it? No one knows, but the potential for a boil over is there. What happens next? No one knows.

While I have been prepping, we have been moving forward with our lives. One thing I cannot see past is the importance of vision. When I was overseas, vision was very important. Whether is was using corrective glasses or night vision, your vision gave you an advantage. Moving forward, what if glasses weren’t as accessible, or available at all?

Today I am having corrective eye surgery, Lasik. This is one of my biggest preps, and the most life altering, potentially. The fact that I am able to have this done before the threat of what may come is amazing. Even if nothing happens now, I can still be ecstatic that I can see without the use of corrective lenses or contacts. I will add more further down the road on recovery. Wish me luck, stay safe and stay prepared.

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