Keeping warm in the winter… an update into localizing you warming.

As we head into winter, often times it comes with a feeling of dread. We know the gas or electric bill is going to go up, often by quite a bit. We often times take it as a way of life, part of the ups and down. Sometimes we get on their payment plan to pay the same amount all year. This is what I do. It got a whole lot more expensive this year.

I have done some things to help mitigate these additional costs. I put in a wood stove along with a chimney. I bought some firewood. I bought some thermal curtains to segregate my basement area for food storage. We have done a lot of stuff to assist with heating. Lowering the heating temperature and wearing warmer clothes. This is still not enough. What if gas shortages get worse?

I ended up getting a chainsaw. Specifically, a refurbished Husqvarna 435 from ebay for $179. Also got a manual log splitter. The kind that is a 12 ton bottle jack shoving the wood into a wedge.

Now, all the benefits of having the basic equipment is that there is less to go wrong. A Chainsaw is going to have issues eventually post-shtf. The log splitter may, but easy enough to fix. Also, keep oil in it, and it should work. No fuel, kids can use it. Instant win! The other benefit is that I have a guy at work that wants land cleared, and wanted someone to cut those trees down. Another coworker and I are clearing the wood and getting free firewood. That and with the amount of woods around me, and the amount of fallen trees, I should be able to get wood if need be.

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